Poverty alleviation is a necessary component in the achievement of development in a country as it is not only economic developmentthat contributes to overall growth. Together with poverty reduction the even distribution of income andequal sharing of the benefits of economic growth with the poor, need consideration as priority requirements for attaining development.

SAPRI has selected the theme of Inclusive Development as a lens to focus on Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation.  Although most countries in South Asia are experiencing satisfactory economic growth, a large number of people in these countries are marginalized and not included in the process of sharing the benefits of development in the economic, social and political spheres.

SAPRI’s research in this fieldattempts to identify the links between unequal distribution of resources and assets,and, marginalization and exclusion of certain groups, with the rise of violent political movements and conflict.

At its first major regional conference held inApril 2012 in New Delhi, India, SAPRI focused on the topic Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Development.  The conference was attended by eminent participants from the region and beyond.The conclusions of the conference have been taken forward through research and dissemination via the media and workshops, as well as, through engagement in advocacy, among political leaders and the nongovernmental sector.


  1. “Be the Change” – SAPRI’s Seminar on Social Business, 9th December 2011, Colombo (4. Events…)
  2. Delivering Sustainable Devp. New Delhi Conference (4. Events…5. Speeches)
  3. Roundtable on Inclusive Development & Growth, 1st August, 2012, Colombo (4. Events…)
  4. “Prospects for Middle Income Sri Lanka: Challenges & Opportunities”- Speech by Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy, July 2013 (4. Events…)
  5. MAKING SUSTAINABILITY THE NEXT METRIC: The Post 2015 Development Agenda: South Asia Consultation, November 2013( 4. Events… 5. Outcome doc. 6. Video)
  6. Zero Hunger