Environment has been in the spotlight like never before, due to an accelerated global drive towards economic development proving to be the norm. Environmental themes have managed to infiltrate global policy making, although development agendas oftentimes appear to be prioritizing economic progress over environmental sustainability. The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to worsen the situation, with the global economic downturn resulting in increased efforts towards economic revival, at the cost of environmental wellbeing. 

The balancing of economic development with environmental protection is a serious challenge to the countries in South Asia as well. Most of these countries, yet labelled as under-developed, are confronted with the dire necessity of economic development. In this scenario, what are the means of sustaining environment protection measures and how can these measures be implemented? SAPRI’s objective is to conduct collective studies in the region to seek responses to these queries.  


–        Report of Environmental Protection workshop in Colombo in collaboration with International Alert- 2013

–        Keynote address at Kathmandu Conf- from UK DFID website

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