The world today is witnessing the emergence of new global powers having the ability to exercise influence in both political and economic capacities.  In this situation, multilateral interaction has become increasingly important and diplomacy has acquired a new significance. This is the emergence of the multipolar world.

What role can South Asia play in managing peace, security, governance, economic and social status-quo in today’s world? At times, regional arrangements have been recognized as the basis of a multipolar world order which could ensure the balance of power and prevent global conflicts. Is South Asia adequately strong and effective to meet this challenge?

The current state of South Asia’s regional cooperative mechanism, South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) needs much upliftment if South Asia is to play the effective role required to keep pace with the fast-developing global trends. The time has time to focus on discovering common concerns, priorities and compulsions and find a way forward in this myriad to meet challenges as a collective of states. SAPRI looks forward to initiate a dialogue and research in this respect.

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